Ancre Somme Association Scotland 

Patron: 22 Special Air Service Colin MacLachlan Veteran.

Ambassador's: Alexander Stewart MBE MSP Alison Moodie OBE,

WO2 John Knox, Veteran David Birrell,  Anas Sarwar MSP



Our Trustee Members

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Ancre Somme Association Scotland has been awarded 10 silhouttes from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, that will take part in our Great War Commemoration on Saturday 20th October 2018 at the Kirk of Canongate, Edinbrugh.


They will also be used at our Whitburn Remembers "Families of the Great War" Commemoration on Saturday 10th November 2018.

Chairman John Jenkins

TommyASA JohnJenkins

Secretary Tommy Davidson


WO2 John Knox

"I am a serving soldier with the Royal Regiment of Scotland"


"I commend the excellent and proffesional work of the Association, there is not many organisations doing the voluntary work of ASA"


"It means alot to our Armed Forces who serve today and to our Veterans, that communities and especially young people, understand and appreciate our committment to Queen and Country"

"I believe that young people today do not trully understand the role of our British Armed Forces"


"Many young people have never lived through WW1, WW2 and subsequet Wars and Conflicts"


"When cannot relate and understand our past, there is a danger that we end up repeating history"


"We have a duty to our dead to engage, inform and ensure those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of our Nation are never forgotten, we must keep their bravey and heroism alive, remembrance through education is key"

"I am proud to be the Chairman of ASA Scotland Charity"


"I believe the British public have a duty to pass on the torch of remembrance, generation to generation before it is too late"


"We have set standard in Scotland in 2016, delivering National Best Practise, said Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant for West Lothian Ms Moira Niven MBE"


"Look at our work on this webpage, watch our videos on our YouTube channel, review the legacy booklets, memorials, poppy campaigns, charity work, if your like mindedm why not come and join us"


"ASA Scotland is a wonderful charity, the work of the Association is vital, we must inform every generation of our Armed Forces heritage"


"World War 1 and WW2 was horrific, we can never allow history to repeat, we must learn from our history, good or bad, we can make the difference through the work of ASA Scotland"


"We will always support our Armed Forces and say a massive thank you to all our Veterans"

Alexander Stewart MBE MSP