Ancre Somme Association Scotland 

Patron: 22 Special Air Service Colin MacLachlan Veteran.

Ambassador's: Alexander Stewart MBE MSP Alison Moodie OBE,

WO2 John Knox, Veteran David Birrell,  Anas Sarwar MSP




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The next step is to get your poppy seeds. If you get your poppy seeds from us you will be helping support our charities and legacy projects.








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The final step is to plant your poppy seeds.When growing poppies in the UK, they thrive best when planted between March and May, and August and September. The majority of poppy species prefer slightly dry, well-drained soil.


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Please consider purchasing your poppy seeds online from our website.


If your school or organisation would prefer to pay for our poppy seeds using either cheque or BACS, and require a pro-forma invoice.





Ribbon of Poppies UK & Commonwealth

The Ribbon of Poppies project started in England in 2017 by a group called the Memorial Mob. The group are dedicated to creating memorials and events to help remember the "uniformed" services.


Their initial idea would see the creation of a carpet of crimson from Land's End to John O'Groats, to mark the 100th Anniversary  of the end of the Great War.


Around the same time the Ancre Somme Association launched a similar initiative that had the same aims and objectives and it made sense to work in partnership with the Memorial Mob.


The ASA Scotland charity focuses on education, remembrance, supporting various veterans charities and legacy projects, around the UK.


Since the launch of the Ribbon of Poppies project in 2017 hundreds of Scout, Cub, Guide and Brownie groups have pledged support, as well as a number of schools and other community organisations.


Soon after the launch it soon became apparent to all involved that this project was going to bigger than just the United Kingdom as pledges started coming in from all four corners of the globe.


This partnership helped ensure that the Ribbon of Poppies reached a wider audience and to date it has totally exceeded all expectations.


In 2018 members of the Ancre Somme Association felt that this project could be used to help educate future generations and they established the Ribbon of Poppies UK & Commonwealth.


This is now an annual project that will encourage the planting of poppy seeds, particulary by the younger generation, in memory of those members of the British Armed Forces kiiled in all wars and confilcts.

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ASA Scotland Chairman John Jenkins "Our 2021 Ribbon of Poppies UK and Commonwealth Campaign launches March 2021, we will be supporting these 3 Armed Forces Charities"

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