Ancre Somme Association Scotland 

Patron: 22 Special Air Service Colin MacLachlan Veteran.

Ambassador's: Alexander Stewart MBE MSP Alison Moodie OBE,

WO2 John Knox, Veteran David Birrell,  Anas Sarwar MSP





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Education is at the heart of our Association, we engage with schools, cadets and communities across the Nation.


We enhamce education with military artefacts. Our topics range from WW1, WW2 to the present day in Afghanistan.


- We explain the role of our British Armed Forces and how they have shaped our Nation for 100yrs. We also explain the importance of Remembrance.


- We research local and National military history


- Young people are interested in their family and community history


- Artefacts enhance learning, making it interactive for young people


- The feedback, children improve their reading, writing, creatring poems, letters, songs, music, art, remembrance gardens and they plant poppy seeds,


- We leave a legacy with each school, community group, organisation that we visit.


- Our resources and support is available to all, please view our booklets, our full website, social media and YouTube Channel


British Armed Forces Wars and Conflicts


The First World War, 1914–1918   (700,000 British Killed)


The Russian Civil War, 1917–1922


The Irish War of Independence, 1919–1921


Irish Civil War, 1922–1923


The Second World War, 1939–1945  (382,700 British killed)


The Korean War, 1950–1953  (approx 1,109 killed)


The Kenya Emergency, 1952–1960


The Suez Crisis, 1956


The Malayan Emergency, 1948–1960


The Aden Emergency, 1963–1967


The Troubles, Northern Ireland Conflict, 1968–1998  (1,441 British killed, not including civilians)


The Falklands War, 1982  (255 British killed)


The Gulf War, 1990–1991 (47 killed)


The Bosnian War, 1992–1995 (49 killed)


The Kosovo War, 1998–1999  


The Global War on Terrorism, 2001–2017    (510 killed)


The Iraq War and Insurgency, 2003–2011    (179 killed)


The War in Afghanistan, 2001–2018    (456 killed)

Lest We Forget