Ancre Somme Association Scotland 

Patron: 22 Special Air Service Colin MacLachlan Veteran.

Ambassador's: Alexander Stewart MBE MSP Alison Moodie OBE,

WO2 John Knox, Veteran David Birrell,  Anas Sarwar MSP



ASA Scotland Ambassadors

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Ancre Somme Association Scotland has been awarded 10 silhouttes from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, that will take part in our Great War Commemoration on Saturday 20th October 2018 at the Kirk of Canongate, Edinbrugh.


They were also displayed at our Whitburn Remembers "Families of the Great War" Commemoration on Saturday 10th November 2018.


Alexander Stewart MBE, MSP - "I am honoured to be an Ambassador of ASA Scotland, I fully support the aims and objectives of the Association, I am equally honoured to be Honouray President of the Ribbon Of Poppies UK & Commonwealth"


"Educating our children and our communities across Nation about our Armed Forces heritage is really important to us all"


"We must never forget those brave men and women who have paid the supreme sacrifice for our Sovereign and Nation, Past, Present and Future"

Singer/Songwriter Alan Brydon - "I have been impressed with the work of the Association, I was honoured when asked to  become an Ambassador"


"Children have been learning my songs, whilst learning about the Great War and the sacrifice's made by our forefathers, ASA is setting a great example of why it is important to engage, inform and work with schools and teachers across the Nation, we must never forget"

Afghanistan Veteran David Birrell - "I served Queen and Country with the British Army, I lost both my legs in an IED attack in Afghanistan"


"Many young people today, dont understand the role of our Armed Forces, men and women put their lives on the line every day for us"


"It is so important for us to educate our youth, sowing the seeds of respect, tolerance, diversity, honour and pride for our Nations Armed Forces and their families"

Alison Moodie OBE - "ASA Scotland is doing fantastic community work as voluntary group of people"


"I have attended many of their Commemoration/Remembrance events and have been impressed by the planning, organising, engagement of the Association"


"I witnessed a fantastic RAF 100 event in Grangemouth in 2018, organised by ASA Scotland in partnership with Falkirk Council, I recently attended their D-Day 75th and the unveiling of a WW1 Memorial Cairn at Whitburn, West Lothian"


W02 John Knox - "I am a serving soldier with the Royal Regiment of Scotland"


"I commend the excellent and proffesional work of the Association, there is not many organisations doing the voluntary work of ASA"


"It means alot to our Armed Forces who serve today and to our Veterans, that communities and especially young people, understand and appreciate our committment to Queen and Country"


Willie Henderson "I fully support the educational work of ASA Scotland, young people today need to know our Armed Forces heritage, it has shaped our Nation to this day, I was fortunate to play football and have a career and great life, our forefathers gave their lives for us. so that we could live, never forget this"

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Anas Sarwar  "I support the work of ASA Scotland, we must sow the seeds of love, respect and tolerance for all, we must never forget our diverse past or we may repeat it, education is key across Scotland and across the United Kingdom, young people need to be informed of our Armed Forces heritage, which bring's us together, there should be a memorial in Scotland to remember the British Indian Army"

Anas Sarwar